"Success is best when it's shared."
Howard Schultz



"Success is best when it's shared."
Howard Schultz


Topeka is the new home of the Plug and Play global innovation platform

Through its partnership with Topeka, Plug and Play will bring eight to 10 startups to the city every six months, beginning this summer. Those startups will go through three-month "accelerator" programs aimed at helping the businesses get off the ground, providing mentorship, resources and office space. Roughly two-thirds of the companies that Plug and Play invests in will have an exit. This is a leading performance metric compared to other early stage investors and accelerators. This partnership will play a key role in making our region a globally recognized hub of animal health and ag tech innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship. As part of the Greater Kansas City region, Topeka is strategically located in the middle of the KC Animal Health Corridor. The addition of Plug and Play further enhances the Corridor's ecosystem that attracts and supports emerging and established companies alike.

Recently, Plug and Play announced the launch of its COVID-19 Startup accelerator program, which will be dedicated to identifying and engaging the world’s most gifted startups who can address the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone responding to COVID-19 with a product of service could apply to participate. COVID-19 accelerator program will include the following focus areas: healthcare, supply chains, enterprise tech, fintech, and retail.

“The current COVID-19 crisis is tragic on so many levels – on a human level, economically, politically, the list goes on. But it is also a catalyst, bringing the global community together to fight a common enemy – the virus. There is no better opportunity for Topeka to step up and be the tip of the spear –the spear of innovation and collaboration. Our partnership with Plug and Play connects us to the global community of responders and I invite any business, innovator, and entrepreneur who wants to join us to get in touch with us or apply to the COVID-19 accelerator program.”

-Katrin Bridges, SVP of Innovation, GTP (

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The implications of COVID-19 have had an impact on everyone, especially our entrepreneurs. We have compiled a list of resources and information to help our local entrepreneurs get through our current situation on to recovery.

For a list of current federal resources, click HERE>>

Kansas Department of Commerce HERE>>

Kansas Chamber HERE>>

KDOL Adjudications HERE>>

KDOL Job Refusal HERE>>

KDOL Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation HERE>>


BioKansas Life Science Emergency Supply Hub HERE>>

BioKansas COVID-19 Manufacturing HERE>>

BioKansas COVID-19 Suppliers HERE>>


Topeka Innovation Success Stories

Topeka is made up of doers- innovators who see a problem as just another challenge to overcome. Our community of entrepreneurs and innovators have stepped up during the COVID-19 outbreak to fight back. They have retooled their factories to create hand sanitizers and masks, while others are sourcing 3D blueprints to print masks from home. These stories are those of people looking out for each other.

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Learn how Prairie Fire Winery helped produce hand sanitizer HERE>>
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